Professionalism and Experience



Alcohol and Drug Rehab Helpline is dedicated to helping individuals struggling with substance abuse/addiction to get into treatment. We are a private treatment facility providing detox and rehabilitation services, including but not limited to traditional evidence-based approaches, holistic and alternative therapies.

Established in 2002 our rehab center is a 72 bed facility where affordable treatment is offered without compromising the quality of services. Our medical team consists of physicians and nursing professionals who are experienced in the field of addiction treatment. Treatment programs include: inpatient/residential rehab and outpatient treatment for clients who have already received long-term therapeutic services and need a less intensive treatment program. Residential rehab offers a structured 24/7 therapeutic treatment for a recommended period of at least 28 days where private and group sessions are individualized to address each clients’ specific addiction as well as any other compounded mental health issues.

Our addiction treatment center focuses on healing mind, body and spirit. Drug treatment can include behavioral therapy (such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or contingency management), medications, or their combination. The specific type of treatment or combination of treatments varies according to the patient’s drug(s) of abuse and his or hers individual needs.

Individualized detox protocols are carefully monitored and tailored to address detox symptoms. As part of our holistic approach, our detox incorporates traditional detox with biofeedback sessions.

Clients being treated in our residential program reside with us for the specific amount of days established in their individualized addiction treatment program.

Our treatment model is rooted in the belief that it is our utmost responsibility to do whatever we can to prepare our clients for life outside of treatment.

In addition to our traditional therapeutic treatments we offer holistic and alternative therapies such as: yoga, chiropractic care, medical massage, personal training and art therapy.