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1. Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Covered by Insurance?

2. Is Detox Covered by Insurance?

3. What to Bring for Your Stay During Rehab?

4. Do You Offer Help with Travel Arrangements?

5. What Are the Levels of Treatment Offered?

6. What is the Cost for the Drug Rehabilitation Program?

7. Do You Offer Assessments?

Yes. All patients are assessed and undergo a thorough evaluation. The evaluation will assess the patient’s physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and family needs to determine the most appropriate level of care.

8. What Types of Patients Are Appropriate for Treatment at A Center for Recovery?

Patients with a primary psychiatric diagnosis only, who are suicidal, with medical conditions that require inpatient care or patients with behavioral problems such as violence or flight risk.

Individualized detox protocols are carefully monitored and tailored to address detox symptoms. As part of our holistic approach, our detox incorporates traditional detox with biofeedback sessions.

Clients being treated in our residential program reside with us for the specific amount of days established in their individualized addiction treatment program.

Our treatment model is rooted in the belief that it is our utmost responsibility to do whatever we can to prepare our clients for life outside of treatment.

In addition to our traditional therapeutic treatments we offer holistic and alternative therapies such as: yoga, chiropractic care, medical massage, personal training and art therapy.